16. up-and-coming Int. Film Festival Hannover

November 22 — 28, 2021

Out into the world!

This year there is a special online edition of the festival because of the pandemic. As we invited the filmtalents to Hanover in the past years, we now go out to visit them at their homes – virtually.

Our new features: we will stream the selected films from safe servers that you can only access with a personal registration. We will set up a festival studio in Hanover. There all festival contributions will be produced and broadcasted live by our team members and hosts. From there we will have live-talks with filmmakers. We will be able to get a glimpse of their world, their country and virtually connect them with other filmmakers. We will also have live talks with experts and the jury will be present to watch the whole program.

If the situation permits, we will have a award show live in Hanover at the end. We will invite the winning filmmakers to join digitally and show them on big screens. The whole show will be streamed internationally.

We will do everything in our power to create a warm and familiar atmosphere at the festival. And in 2023 we will hopefully have the next edition of the festival hopefully again live and in person in Hanover.


Int. Film Festival Hannover
Postfach 19 67
D-30019 Hannover