Talks + Workshops

In addition to the film screenings, the festival offers you a series of talks and workshops in which you can discuss with the guests and work on new projects together. There are some panels in English, especially for our international filmmakers.

Talks — watch and participate on Zoom and on site in Hanover — for all nominated filmmakers and those interested in the topic

It's about nothing less than the question of how we want to work with each other, how AI affects the telling of stories and the production of films, and how we deal with changes in our society and on our planet. Where do we have to rebel, where do we have to adapt and what role does filmmaking actually play in this?

Workshops — on site in Hanover — for all present and nominated filmmakers at the festival

Putting your heads together and developing ideas, across borders and with a view to a better future, is what you can do in our writing workshops. You can look at your ideas critically, develop your skills as a director and improve your presence for a future pitch in other on-site offers at our festival.

The program overview for the individual festival days: