Keep in touch — in memory of Harald inHülsen

Friday, 24th November 2017 // 23:00  // stage 1 // entrance free

Harald inHülsen has died in May of this year. We would like to commemorate Harald, the person / the filmmaker / the music critic / the incountable ideas and impulses, that he had and gave, with which he enriched the festival, got "impossible" projects up and running and managed to motivate and inspire countless young artists with. The series Wounds and Visions of the Megalopolis, for example. Or CITYZOOMS New York. Or SPRUNBRETT, the masterclassfilm  and his last project shootingleibniz!. The list could go on for much longer. Managing to get well before the festival starts – that was Harald´s declared intention, when he fell seriously ill at the beginning of 2017. But it was to be different. We would like to come together with everyone, who liked and admired Harald: to jointly remember and celebrate him.