Melting Pot

Discussions at 15th up-and-coming Int. Film Festival Hannover 2019

Fighting, talking shop, networking — in our melting pots all the filmmakers can come together and discuss aspects of future filmmaking and be creative. On three festival days, the theme rooms open with different themes.
Here everyone can and should have a say and contribute their own experiences and arguments. Guests from the film industry — from university to production and promotion — will provide impulses and valuable tips and tricks for young filmmakers.

The melting pots are international. English and German are spoken.

All film talents are invited to participate in the Melting Pots.

What films does the world need?

Thursday, 2019-11-21

at 5 pm, in room "Kleiner Saal"

Society is in a state of constant change. The pace increases, action more urgent, dealing with each other harder. Can and must we deal with politically or socially relevant topics — such as climate change, digitalisation and/or right-wing populism — in films? Which topics do we devote ourselves to, which should we work on and which should we avoid?
We want to find out how filmmaking can help us to position ourselves and develop our point of view.


Linda Kujawski, media dramaturge, Leipzig

Nils Aguilar, Director und Producer of the documentary "Voices of Transition", Berlin

Jakob Zwiers, futurologist, Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment (IZT), Berlin

Simon M. Hoffmann


Green Production — environmentally friendly films

Friday, 2019-11-22

at 5 pm, in room "Kleiner Saal"

At first glance, filmmaking is not environmentally friendly: mass transportation, insane power consumption and excessive catering are just a few examples.
"Green film production"; (Green Production / Green Shooting) refers to approaches and ideas to pay more attention to environmental protection and sustainability when shooting.
We want to find out how we can plan our projects with more environmental awareness before, during and after film production. Here your experiences and suggestions count, but also your questions to the topic!


Birgit Heidsiek, Publisher of the magazine and the online plattform "Green Film Shooting", Hamburg

Petra Sommer, Hanseatische Materialverwaltung, Hamburg

Paul Bullinger, Producer of the film "Planet Pax", Filmuniversity Babelsberg, Potsdam

Influencing by Green Storytelling

Saturday, 2019-11-23

at 5 pm, in room "Kleiner Saal"

Can the bank robber jump on the getaway bike instead of in the car? And can the commissioner drink tea from a thermos instead of coffee from a to-go cup at the scene of the crime?
"Sustainability" starts with telling stories, as some think, because films have a role model function. Others defend themselves against interference in content and reject too much "political correctness". What is it and how do you see it? In this third melting pot we combine the first two: How much "green" do the films of tomorrow need?


Andrea Schütte, Producer, Tamtam-Film, Hamburg

Gabriele Kelly, Screenwriter, Producer, Los Angeles