Jeanne Lehmmann

Jeanne Lehmann lives in Aarhus and is a visually passionate person who loves films and photography. When she’s not moderating film programs at film festivals, she studies professional photography in Denmark. Besides her photography studies, she developed the film festival 48h of Hygge together with her earlier colleague from Berlin. Jeanne has experience in film production, but mostly enjoys to watch and discuss films and their topics. In 2018 she was the producer of the Danish short film Fædre, which was a part of a youth talent course in filmmaking at Filmmaskinen in Denmark.
After completing her bachelor studies in 2016, she did a year of volunteer work at the German short film festival, FiSH – Filmfestival in Stadthafen Rostock, where she was responsible for organization of the national and international program. Since her year in Rostock, she has been moderating quite a few times for different festivals and conferences.

Jeanne presents the programmes of the Internationale Competition.

Stefan Rupp

Stefan is also one of the most known radio-presenters of Berlin. For over 25 years he has been anchoring prime time shows in Germany´s capital. Moreover, he hosts professional conferences, academic symposia, press conferences and galas. 

Stefan presents the programmes of the German Competition.