Out into the world

Digital Edition

And this is how it could have happened:

Instead of inviting the filmtalents from all over the world to Hannover, this time we wanted to visit them at their homes — out into the world!

Directly after the Festival 2019 we called the team together again, got on our bright yellow up-and-coming bus, said goodbye to our loved ones and first drove all over Germany and then out into the world!  Up to the Festival in November 2021 we wanted to record your impressions, share your experiences, shoot short clips about your work and naturally collect your newest filmworks.

We not only drove to big cities such as Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Leipzig, but also wanted to know what topics Rene is dedicated to in Schlettau, what Solveig is filming in Meppen and what moves Lena in Breisgau.

And then we wanted to experience what the film conditions are like for young people in Kuala Lumpur and on the Rio de la Plata. We wanted to learn how to set lights in the Gobi desert and protect electronics in the eternal ice on King George Island. We visited Moutebh in Almaty, were at Ranjids in Madurai, looked for Cheng Li in Tschoibalsan, traveled to Jin-Jin on Tohoku, met Gilbert along the Dalton-Highway and had a feast at Carmelitas in Ollantaytambo. We passed the Atlantic – and thereby met Captain Adalet, who is enthusiastic about films – and encountered N’komo at the foot of the Killimandscharo.

We laughed, we cried and we were touched by the many burning issues that film talents around the world translate into moving images despite the pandemic and other circumstances. Over the time the bus bursted from collected material, we ourselves got a little tired and were overwhelmed from the countless impressions.

Then it happened: The sand and the weather killed our bus! In the middle of nowhere – and only short to go for the festival.

But stop, what’s that? A Fata Morgana or a house?!  Indeed! The „Hotel Savoy“ was quite real, near to an oasis in the shadow. In front of it sat a man, who looked curious at us. “We are stranded and have to run a festival,” we called concerned: “Do you have internet?”

Mr. Lagershausen nodded slowly: „We got a fibre optic cable last week.” We looked excited at each other: Then we will do it just from here …

Our festival headquarters: The Hotel Savoy in Hanover.

We thank the Lagershausen family for allowing us to host this wonderful place.

This is where the entire team is located, from the presenters to the technicians, the welcome team, the festival management and also the two festival juries sit together here and watch the nominated films during the festival week.

From here we stream and zoom with all the talents, with film professionals, with everyone who wants to be there.

And from here, we'll be hosting our up-and-topia world, where you'll be able to experience many of the program points around the festival. We're out and about here every day, so come and find out more, chat, chill out and think up new projects.

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