Q: Which devices can I use to watch the movies?

The films can be rented and watched via your browser. Different browsers are supported on different devices.

From Windows 8.1, Mac 10.9, Android M with the following browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge)


Q: How does PANTAFLIX use my data?

As safe, fair and humane as possible. Take a look at our privacy policy [https://www.pantaflix.com/de/datenschutz] for more details. What is most important: Your personal user data will not be given to third parties.


Q: Can I view a content in HD?

Yes, but it depends on the film you want to see: If the content is provided in HD quality, it will also be available in HD for you. If the content is only available in SD, you can only watch it in this quality.


Q: Which payment methods can be used to buy a ticket?

PayPal and credit cards are supported.


Q: How do I buy an online ticket?

After you get to the page with the embedded player, click the "Playlist ticket" button in the player. After clicking the button you have to choose whether you want to pay by credit card or PayPal and enter your payment details. Follow the further instructions on the screen and enter the required data. Accept the terms of use and complete the purchase using the "Order now" button.

If the festival is running and the film is already available, it starts when you click on "Watch now". At the same time we will send you an email with the TicketID. This can be used to watch the film on another device - for this there is the text “Already bought and watch now?” In the player view under the “Plalylist ticket” button - when you click on it you will be asked to enter your ID prompted.


Q: How many devices can I watch a playlist on?

You can enter a ticket ID on a maximum of 5 different devices, but you can watch a maximum of two devices at the same time!


Q: when can I view the playlists?

The playlists DE 1-10 and INT 1-10 can be viewed from November 22, 17:00 (CET) to 27:11, 23:59 (CET). The playlist of the winning films is on November 28th. available from 13:00 (CET) to 23:59 (CET).


Q: How much time do I have to see a playlist?

The availability of the film is listed on each individual detail page. However, after it has been played for the first time, the film must be viewed to the end within 48 hours. The playlist can be stopped and restarted within this time.


Q: How much time do I have to see the playlists of a festival pass?

The ticket ID for your festival pass can be used on a maximum of 5 devices and can be viewed by a maximum of 2 devicesat the same time!

The festival pass is valid for the entire festival period.

The playlists DE 1-10 and INT 1-10 can be viewed from November 22, 17:00 (CET) to 27:11, 23:59 (CET).

The playlist of the winning films is on November 28th. available from 13:00 (CET) to 23:59 (CET).

In the preview image of the festival pass, click on "I have already rented the film" and enter your ticket ID.

After you have started streaming via the play button, each individual playlist is available to you for 48 hours to watch.

The playlist can be stopped within the 48 hours and the films on this playlist can be viewed several times.

For example: If you see playlists 1 INT on Monday and Tuesday, it will no longer be available for the following days.

Tip: Please do not click your way through all playlists on the first day, because then you have to see all 145 films in 48 hours.

Take two playlists every day or organize the long festival night as a team. What is more boring than sitting alone at home in front of the computer and watching festival films. So pop up the popcorn, have drinks ready, put on masks and off you go with your home screening!


Q: Can I delete my browser cookies while the movie is streaming?

Yes, but we don’t recommend this. Even though the movie will continue to play, all the interactions with the portal will end up in an error.


Q: How does the stream behaves, if I have a bad internet connection?

We automatically adjust the quality of the movies to your internet connection and device performance. If you have a slow internet connection, it may happen that the movie does not play in the best possible quality.


Q: Do you have additional questions?

In case of more questions, don’t hesitate to contact the support of event organizer: welcome(at)up-and-coming.de