Internationaler Wettbewerb

19 Maggio 2012, Mirandola (MO). Ultima Proiezione

Sebastiano Caceffo

IT · 2017 · 11 min ·

Festival 2017

In 2012 in Emilian lowland (Italy) the population was not prepared for an earthquake and it hits them seriously. It destroys many houses and took several lives. Old city centers of many towns around Bologna and Modena were damaged. In the epicenter lies Mirandola, a small medieval city with a castle and remains of the old city walls. Television news-teams report amply and cameras invade the streets looking for dramatic stories among needy people without a home. Several years later we came back, not looking for the big scoop, but to view places that have been at a standstill since the earthquake and others changing in the wake of reconstruction.