Internationaler Wettbewerb

Chulyen, histoire de corbeau (Chulyen, a Crows' tale)

Cerise Lopez, Agnès Patron

FR · 2015 · DCP · 20 min ·

Festival 2015

Half man, half crow, Chulyen is bored. When he covets a giant's kayak, his feelings change...

International Young Film Makers Award 2015

International Young Film Makers Award 2015

"A Dreaming man is a genius,“ said Akira Kurosawa once. This film covered the triple meaning of dreaming… It had a dream as a story, as an ambience, and as dreaming as whole. This film was easy to empathize with, because of its range of all emotions. After seeing it, you will remember it like you remember your worst or best dream.  (jurys comment)