Internationaler Wettbewerb

le lien défait (The Broken Bound)

Xavier Leprince

FR · 2015 · 12 min ·

Festival 2015

Olivia is beautiful and trendy. She seems to live a carefree life . Disturbing encounters reveal her melancholy.

International Young Film Makers Award 2015

International Young Film Makers Award 2015

Talent is to do what you do well with the tools we own, not to control thousands of resources or to do it in the way it is expected. The next award is for an artist who managed to build with small decisions a unique and recognizable vision outside of any movie reference. A film, but also a book, a text, a list of memories, offering the audience the pleasant task of building the stage and story outside the screen. A photo album of the present time we hold, as we do not want to turn to the past. (jurys comment)