It was amazing! — the awarded filmtalents!

credit: Alex Martin

Hanover, November 26, 2023 — Full house in the Künstlerhaus, after 78 incredible film stories, warm encounters and creative networking opportunities, the 17th up-and-coming Int. Film Festival ended with a great awards ceremony. Here are the lucky winners:

The up-and-coming International Film Award goes to:

God Forbid

KE · 2023 · 17 min

directed by Yvan King Mukunzi (1998)
written by Kelvin Kibui Mwangi & Steven Ng'ang'a Gitau

jury's statement


AZ · 2023 · 9 min

written & directed by Nazrin Aghamaliyeva (1999)

jury's statement


Acid Base

IR · 2022 · 15 min

directed by Shirin Ekhlasi (1998)
written by Farshad Rezaei

jury's statement


Der Deutsche Nachwuchsfilmpreis geht an:

Alles gehört zu dir

DE · 2023 · 13 min

directed by Hien Nguyen & Mani Pham Bui (2001)
written by Mani Pham Bui, Kimsa Nguyen, Bao Nguyen, Hien Nguyen, Tommy Vu Nguyen

Die Jurybegründung


DE · 2022 · 29 min

written & directed by Dascha Petuchow (1996)

Die Jurybegründung


DE · 2023 · 48 min

directed by Jannik Weiße (1995)
written by Jannik Weiße, Dang An Tran, Maximilian Welker

Die Jurybegründung

Der Bundes-Schülerfilmpreis geht an:

Lobende Erwähnung / Special Mention

Catch up!

DE · 2023 · 11 min

written & directed by Anton & Justus Krämer (2003,2006)

Die Jurybegründung

Wasserbären-Boy (Waterbear-Boy)

DE · 2022 · 25 min

directed by Cornelius Baum (2004)
written by Kasper Rafn, Cornelius Baum

Die Jurybegründung


DE · 2023 · 3 min

written & directed by Oleksandra Krasavtseva (1995)

Die Jurybegründung

Border Conversations

DE · 2022 · 30 min

written & directed by Jonathan Brunner (1996)

Die Jurybegründung

May 2000

RU · 2023 · 17 min

written & directed by Kirill Sultanov (1997)

jury's statement

your hosts

Congratulations from all of us!

your jury
your team

17. up-and-coming Int. Film Festival Hannover

77 films from 26 countries are nominated.

It will be an exciting and exclusive program with selected pearls from young filmmakers. 35 films have been nominated for the competition for the German Young Film Prize and the Federal Student Film Prize. 42 films are in the running for the up-and-coming International Film Award.

Film screening

New this year: the films from the German and International Competitions will not be shown in parallel, but in a mixed program. In addition to the classic film screening on the big screen, the films will also be shown in streams during the festival period. Filmmakers who cannot come to Hanover will be connected digitally to our film discussions in the cinema.

Supporting program

In Zoom panels about filmmaking you will meet experts from the industry and in on-site workshops you can network with other filmmakers and actively work on new projects.

New festival - new happiness - new festival location

We move into the Künstlerhaus Hannover (Sophienstraße 2) for the festival period, play in the cinema in the Künstlerhaus, hijack the rooms of the Kunstverein, lay siege to the Literaturhaus, stop by the neighbors, the theater around the corner and celebrate the best festival party of all time in the stairwell of the Cumberland Gallery .