Daily talk in the foyer

Out of the cinemas — up on the talk stage
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Workshop talks with selected filmmakers from the German and International Competition will take place up to four times a day in the foyer. In the cinema hall there is often little time to talk in more detail about the films. That's why our presenters Ida-Marie and Melika mingle with the audience during the screening of the films and pick out the filmmakers* present in order to then chat with them about filmmaking on stage in the foyer. What's motivating you? Why did you make this movie and not another one? How big was your team? What were the shooting conditions like? What new projects do you have in the pipeline? Questions over questions that you can look forward to. As visitors and spectators, you'll be there live in the foyer until it is announced again: The doors will open for the next film block. . .


Sunday talk in the Foyer

A chance for the younger generation? — The cinema of the future

Sunday, 24th Nov. 2019 // 10.00 am // Foyer

Young filmmakers are quickly frustrated at the start into the professional film world: Bureaucratic film subsidies, omnipotent TV stations and content interference from all sides rob these once unbridled talents of their visions. Film becomes a commodity and no longer a cultural highlight.

In addition, the cinema is increasingly degenerating into a screening venue for blockbusters. The cinema of discovery, inspiration and rebellion only takes place in niches.

Together with German and international film producers and three film talents recruited from the „melting pots"; of the festival days, we want to discuss the cinema and film of the future.

Is cinema for them still „magical"; and a premiere on a big screen still „in“? Is there a filmmaking of the future that can offer young and wild film talents a chance? And what's that supposed to look like?!

Our guests:

Gabrielle Kelly (screenwriter & producer, Los Angeles) / Jurymitglied

Anna Stoeva (tanuki films, Sofia) / Jurymitglied

Jonas Dornbach (Komplizenfilm, Berlin) / Produzenten-Patenschaft

Lutz Heineking jr. (Eitelsonnenschein Filmproduktion, Köln) / Produzenten-Patenschaft

Philipp Käßbohrer, Matthias Murmann (btf , Köln) / Produzenten-Patenschaft (request)


Ida Marie Sassenberg

Ida Marie studied scenic arts in Hildesheim. Her recent film project, the feminist mumblecore comedy YOU SMELL DIFFERENT WHILE YOU SLEEP, is part of this years up-and-coming programme. Sassenberg works as a journalist for the public channels PULS and funk. In 2019 she led the successful political campaign "Make #Upskirting a crime in Germany!" In her private life she has a soft spot for films portraying strong female characters, various podcasts and her dog Perry.

Melika Gothe

Melika is interested in intermediate nuances - between film and its audience, between the cinema experience and the conversations that follow, between the world and the work of art. She studied in Mainz, Dijon, Hildesheim and Marseille and has been primarily concerned with film mediation and film as an examination of reality from a German-French perspective.

She lives between Berlin and Hanover and works for various festivals. As project coordinator of the Berlinale section Generation, she mediates international contemporary cinema for young and open-minded audiences beyond conventions. When she is not working at festivals, she discovers films for her PhD-project, in which she examines the representation of youth in contemporary European cinema.