A Social Media Editorial Team at the up-and-coming Int. Film Festival

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Through the young lens

Instagram, Twitter and Youtube - these platforms are part of everyday life for young people today. But how do you use social media as a journalistic format? 12 young people will find out exactly that during this year's film festival. For four days they work in the in-house social media editorial department and report on their very personal impressions.

Get a whiff of editorial air during the festival

Always know what's going on! Thanks to social networks, it's easier today than ever before. At up-and-coming, too, a dedicated social media editorial team will ensure that visitors are always up to date this year. In addition to Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, 12 young people also have their own blog. On the various platforms, participants aged between 13 and 18 years describe their own personal impressions of the festival, make film recommendations or report on the event in a wide variety of formats.

This year, we chose social media platforms because they are the best places to reach young people. Through the project, the participants will also learn a professional approach to Instagram and Co. (Andreas Hedrich, graduate sociologist, media educator and initiator of the SocialMediaCamp).

The SocialMedia editors are very close to the festival events: in the blog they report on current festival events. You can watch film clips, conversations and live broadcasts on youtube. Instagram presents the filmmakers* and brings the festival atmosphere to life.

The results can be found here:

Instagram: @uacfestival


Youtube: up and coming Festival


A team of media educators and journalists looking after the young people

Christina Kutscher: studied English literature and media at the University of Hamburg. She is an editor and media educator, writing for "Lost Levels", "" and "keingame", among others.

Marlen Lutz: cultural scientist and media educator. She accompanies reportage projects or film workshops and teaches children and young people how to use audiovisual media, software, smartphones and journalistic basics.

Nadine von Piechowski: Studied history and archaeology in Kiel and Copenhagen. Studied at "Radio Hamburg" and the BUND press office. She advises agencies on social media strategy, writes for the online city magazine "kiekmo" and is doing her master's in digital communication in Hamburg.

Marlen Lutz
Christina Kutscher
Nadine von Piechowski