Deutscher Nachwuchsfilmpreis 

The German Newcomer Award Deutscher Nachwuchsfilmpreis  has been presented biannually at up-and-coming since December 2005 with the glass Film Comet and prize money.

A renowned jury awards a prize to three pieces of work in the director category. When judging the films, it is not technical perfection that counts, but the originality and individuality of the idea and cinematic realisation as well as the innovativeness. The award is given to works that are imaginative, unusual, funny, provocative and very individual.

To sharpen the orientation and objective of this newcomer film award and to allow the winning film makers to experience the sustainability of the award first-hand, there are patrons from the field of production and directing whom the three prize winners can turn to for guidance. Each patron has offered to provide his charge with feedback on a new, not yet begun film concept and opportunities of its realisation. This patronage is documented by the prize winner and reviewed at the latest at the next up-and-coming film festival 2019.

The International Young Film Makers Award

During the festival the international jury will award three films the International Young Film Makers Award. These prizes are an initiative of the up-and-coming festival and are awarded as a film comet.

In 2017 for the third time the Int. Young Film Makers Award  at up-and-coming is endowed with a masterclassfilm for the award winners. The goal of this prize is to sustain support, care and communication of the award winners after the day of the awarding ceremony. This includes an invitation to a public, international FilmDialog in Hannover (in the planning stage) and the participation in an international network of young filmmakers.

The Int. Young Film Makers Award  has been a integral part of the festival since 1995 but without prize money or benefit.



The glass Film Comet

Der BundesSch├╝lerfilmPreis / The National Students Filmmakers Award

Since 2011 up-and-coming has awarded the National Students Filmmakers Award from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research specifically for pupils. We honor an outstandingly imaginative, humorous, provocative or unusual film produced in a school, during a project week, or within class instruction. Technical perfection is only secondary to the originality, autonomous development of an idea, and independent realization. In short: the artist quality.