Fantastic! — up-and-coming Internationales Film Festival Hannover 2017

Winners of the International Young Film Makers Award 2017

Photo: Michael Wallmüller

Jiwon Choi (USA)


"PARALLEL is a film from the future that deals with present and past, North and South. Jiwon Choi is adopting a new language to reflect on fundamental political and cultural topics that concern her home country of South Korea. For this unruly collage, Choi mixes words, sounds and images, referencing K-Pop, TV, politics, military propaganda, and family recollections, combining them with her own outstanding performances."

Photo: Michael Wallmüller

Lisa Gertsch (Switzerland)


"Lisa Gertsch's FAST ALLES is a confident, mature film that addresses a dramatic situation — that of dementia — with great sensibility, lightness and humor through exquisite active and natural cinematography. An honest, humble film, FAST ALLES is able of leading the audience into the core of its two characters' bare love and humanity."

Photo: Michael Wallmüller

Priya Naresh (India)


"BARSAATI is a hypnotic piece of cinematic poetry. Set at nighttime, the streets of New Delhi, notoriously loud, are transformed into a quiet moonlit terrain as two characters wander around, dividing up the sky. Priya Naresh's film alludes to a set of silent political messages."

Special Mention 2017

Foto: Michael Wallmüller

Richard Bjurström (Sweden)


"A beautiful story of friendship between dragons and wild creatures, THE DRAGON FOREST is a disarming short film. Its smart cinematic language introduces us to a promising film director."






The Jury

Foto: Michael Wallmüller

The Jury of the International Competition (l.t.r.).: Hu Yie Ming, Eva Sangiorgi, Ido Fluk, Filipa Ramos

The Festival-Team

Foto: Michael Wallmüller