13. International Film Festival Hannover


Winners of "Young Film Makers Award 2015" (International Competition):

"April 21" by Jessica Poon (*1990) USA

"le lien défait" by Xavier Leprince (*1989) France

"Chulyen, historie de corbeau" by Cerise Lopez and Agnes Patron (*1987) France


Winners of "Deutscher Nachwuchsfilmpreis 2015" (German Competition):

"Like in Africa" by Samuel Hölscher and Melanie Waelde (*1993), Berlin, Germany

"Zuhause" by Friedrich Tiedtke (*1991) Bohnert, Germany

"Reynke de vos" by Joana Stamer (*1990) Hannover, Germany


Winners of "Bundes-Schülerfilm-Preis 2015" (German Competition):

"Urbane Befriedigung - Frei nach Kafka" byNick Prahle and Luis Viera Heine (*1996), Hamburg, Germany

It has been fantastic!

The presentation of 156 films selected from 3004 contributions from 57 countries has been a special event for many filmmakers from all over the world.

The Live-Jury is awarding three times the "International Young Film Makers Award". This award is endowed with a masterclass-film for the award winners. The goal of this prize is to sustain support, care and communication of the winners after the day of the awarding ceremony.


Winners of the International Young Film Makers Award 2015

(photo: Knut Krafft)
(photo: Knut Krafft)
(photo: Knut Krafft)

jury of the international competition:

l.t.r. Federico Lamas (Buenos Aires), Stefano Miraglia (Cambridge), Peter Murdmaa (Tallinn), Asako Fujioka (Tokyo)

Kwan-Fai Lam and Jessica Poon (USA) – "April 21"

This award goes to a film maker whose imaginative and personal work accomplishes the right balance between strong formalist decisions and narratives that we can relate to. (jurys comment)

Xavier Leprince (France) – "le lien défait" (The broken bound)

Talent is to do what you do well with the tools we own, not to control thousands of resources or to do it in the way it is expected. The next award is for an artist who managed to build with small decisions a unique and recognizable vision outside of any movie reference. A film, but also a book, a text, a list of memories, offering the audience the pleasant task of building the stage and story outside the screen. A photo album of the present time we hold, as we do not want to turn to the past. (jurys comment)

"Chulyen, histoire de corbeau" (Chulyen, a crows tale) by Cerise Lopez and Agnès Patron (France)

"A Dreaming man is a genius,“ said Akira Kurosawa once. This film covered the triple meaning of dreaming… It had a dream as a story, as an ambience, and as dreaming as whole. This film was easy to empathize with, because of its range of all emotions. After seeing it, you will remember it like you remember your worst or best dream.  (jurys comment)

The jury awarded 3 special/honorable mentions:

ECCE HOMO by Dimitar Kutmanov (Bulgaria)

The cinematography and visual aesthetics of this film left the jury in awe, and the decision to use celluloid shows the film maker´s trust in the tradition of cinema. (jurys comment)

Que dia e hoje? (What day is today?) by Colectivo Fotograma 24 (Portugal)

Innovative methods of combining animation, documentary, and music give this social commentary across Portuguese modern history persuasion and conviction. (jurys comment)

Senior Teacher by Cha Mo (China)

A film maker’s strong hand takes his film from naturalistic drama to soar freely into surreal fantasy. (jurys comment)