11. u-a-c Int. Film Festival Hannover

The 11. up-and-comingInt. Film Festival Hannover ended on 27. November 2011 with the prize awarding ceremony. The winners of the International Film Makers Award 2011 are:

Jurys comments:

It has been a wonderful experience to be at such an unusual film festival, one which features films of every genre and kind, from animation to documentary to narratives to experimental films, and all made by young filmmakers. We've watched 113 films from all over the world in the last three days and the only thing they really have in common is a sense of energy and excellence; it has been a wonderful snapshot of the globe. We are also each so different in our own backgrounds, but in the end after much fun wrangling and discussions - long intense conversations that we all will miss having – we have chosen three films. Here they are in alphabetical order:

L'oeil du paon // The Peacock Eye

written and directed by Gerlando Infuso (*1986), Belgium


Collectors always want to complete their collections. Madame Sybil Huntress is on the way to finding an important item for her art and hunting collection. This animated film asks: does art imitate life or does life imitate art? The mysterious sybil huntress gives an answer in this grotesque animation film, which is full of bizzare fantasies and unexpected ideas. We award L'oeil du paon // The Peacock Eye, written and directed by Gerlando Infuso.

Tahrir – Ben Ghazi

written and directed by Osama El Wardani (*1988), Egypt


Important events in history desperately need to be documented as this world premiere shows. It moves from Tahrir Square in Egypt to the recent war of liberation in Libya, staying always in the eye of the Arab Spring's whirlwind, this storm of infectious heroism and exhilirating promise. Osama El Wardani does not stand outside these events; his own personal story is deeply connected to his film. He was a protestor in Tahrir Square in Egypt as he filmed in January, when Libya exploded into a war of liberation. He then hitchhiked into the Libyan warzone. He survived the experience and then returned to Tahrir Square again, with so many other Egyptians, to fight to be sure that democracy would finally come. There he was shot in the eye by the police, and yet he decided to leave the hospital to come here to the festival. We are honored to award Tahrir – Ben Ghazi written and directed by Osama El Wardani.

When I Was A Little Girl

written and directed by Congcong Teng (*1985), China


We have watched many film that have portrayed family relationships. The bonding between the little girl and her grandfather is very beautiful inthis film. The film also touches on the traditional values in gender and the child policy in China which create an even more complex relationsiip between gnders. We are particularly impressed by the way that the director dealt with the topic of life and death and the impact on the life of a seven year old girl, which is subtley told. Technically the film is also very profesionally made. We are thrilled to award When I Was A Little Girl, written and directed by Congcong Teng.

Puff The Magic Dragon

written and directed by Ho Ka-ho (*1985), Hong Kong


The jury takes great pleasure in giving an honorary mention to a highly artistic piece that clearly reveals a very promising, fresh artistic talent. Through a smooth mixture of live action and animation we are faced with a character's claustrophobically destructive existence. Rich in symbolism and presented through a rare and beautiful play of light and shadow, we sense a fight and frustration on the verge of desperation. Despite his struggle the character faces defeat and finaly resigns to the tight grip of his addiction. Our honorary mention goes to Puff The Magic Dragon, written and directed Ho Ka-ho.